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BOx App

Bottle Opener x

Operating Systems
iOS 8+ (Iphone 5 +)
Android 4.3 +

A Cheers should always be shared! The BOx app is a social platform for friends to connect, chat and share a cheers together.

The BOx App works either by itself or in tandem with the BOx smart opener.

Connecting your BOx

How to connect Bottle Opener x

After you login into Bottle Opener X app you will be asked to setup your first Box:

STEP 1: Press and hold the BOx button on your opener for 10 seconds or until the red light appears.
STEP 2: Go to Wi-Fi settings and select “BOx_XXXXXXXX”
STEP 3: Return to the BOx App to complete the registration of your device by entering your personal internet connection credentials (name and password)

If the light on your BOX turns off, connection to the internet is successful

In case the light on your BOx is blinking continuously, the BOx failed to connect to the Internet:
1- If you are using the v1.1 of BOx app click on RETRY
2-If you are using the v1.0 of BOx app check the below tutorial

Tips :
1- Make sure to enter the correct Name (SSID) and Password of your Internet connection
2- Ensure your personal internet connection is Active, Visible and is not firewall protected.
3- Only 1 BOx can be linked to only 1 account


BOx App Features

Bottle Opener x App Features

Keep track of your Cheers & Bottles

Bottle Opener x App Chat Features

Share a Cheers with your friends

Bottle Opener x App Features

Access the global leader board

Bottle Opener x App Features Safe Drinking

Your personal safe drinking reminder

B CHAT - Share your Cheers

B Chat lets your share you cheers with your friends wherever they are!

SMART CHEERS: A Collection of fun Cheer images that are sent directly to your friends every time you open a bottles

THE EMOTICONS: B Chat is 1 click emoticon only chat, whether you Like , Love or simply Cheers its simply a click away

SHARE YOUR LOCATION: Share your location simply with 1 click on the Location pin emoticon